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What am I using?

This page contains information about all the things I use in development including configs, extensions, editors, shells, etc.


I'm using Visual Studio Code as my primary editor. There are minor cases when I use other editors such as Vim or Nano (usually when I need to edit some system config file in terminal). I use a lot of VSCode extensions and I tweak it a lot.

Visual Studio Code

My favorite font is Fira Code with font ligatures enabled. To enhance visibility in file explorer, I use the Material Icon Theme extension which shows the appropriate icon next to the file based on the file extension. Dark+ color theme is my preferred, it's also the default theme.

Editor config

I'm used to settings in JSON format instead of UI. My tweaks start with disabling several VSCode features, such as a minimap, breadcrumbs, activity bar, and open editors. Next, I moved the sidebar on the opposite (right) side. I like the autosave feature, as I don't need to tap Cmd + S every time instead, I set autoSave on afterDelay with a delay of 400ms.

Editor extensions

The first extension which every developer should have is Prettier. It's a code formatter that helps you which good code formatting, so you don't need to spend time with aligning code, etc. I've turned on formatting on the save feature, so after every save, the code is formatted appropriately.

With the code formatting, the second must-have extension is ESLint linting library. VSCode is so intelligent that it underlines your code in red when you made an error.

Since writing JavaScript includes writing many blocks, you can lose the track of bracket pairs, I've solved it using the Bracket Pair Colorizer extension. This extension does really what it says in the name of it, colorize bracket pairs, so you can see more quickly which bracket corresponds to which.

Other useful extensions that I use are Better Comments, Debugger for Chrome, Import Cost, and Live Share.


Currently, I'm using Google Chrome as my default browser with several extensions, such as React DevTools, Redux DevTools, JSON Formatter, Grammarly, Enpass,


I used to use preinstalled GNOME Terminal app on Ubuntu and Fedora, but now I'm using iTerm. Furthermore, I used bash as my default shell, but since 2020 I'm using ZSH with Oh My Zsh framework.


Since summer 2020 I'm using the 2020 MacBook Pro 13" 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM. OS is macOS Big Sur 11.1. Before it, I was using Asus ZenBook UX301LA with Intel Core i7 (Fedora Silverblue).

Other HW

As I love music and hate twisted cables, I have bought QCY T1 headphones and I think they are really great. I'm using an i-tec hub to connect the other peripherals such as external monitors, Ethernet, etc.

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