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Who am I?

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Hi, my name's Dominik, a 23-year-old CS student and software engineer from Košice, Slovakia 🇸🇰.

My primary focus is on web development. I like working with library React.js. Mostly using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. I prefer Node.js with Express as a backend.

Since 2019 I'm also a member of the Hack Kosice organizers team, where I'm in a Hacker Service team. My responsibility is to make sure that hackers would feel comfortable and happy at our events.

I'm also really into hackathons, I've attended some in the last couple of years. Even though we didn't win anything, I met dozens of innovative people who share the same joy from attending these events as me. To check out the projects I've worked on, you can visit my Devpost profile.

Away from programming and IT in general, I like taking pictures only using my phone. I tend to post some of my favorite pictures on Instagram. If you are interested in these photos, go to my Instagram.

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